Friday, 19 January 2018 09:13

Hunt: Showdown Alpha Testing Begins Soon

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Crytek announced that interested PC gamers can now sign up for the closed alpha for its upcoming shooter, Hunt: Showdown.

First shown at E3 2017, Hunt: Showdown is an upcoming free-to-play, four-player co-op, FPS title from Crytek’s U.S.-based studio. Set in the Louisiana swamps, four players split into two teams take on the role of Van Helsing-style monster hunters. Using Civil War-era and steampunk-inspired weapons, the two teams compete to track down an AI-controlled monster in a sizeable, open-world map. The teams can kill, sabotage, ally with, or use each other in order to give themselves advantages in the boss fight.

The game actually began life in 2014 as Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age, but the wheels came off when Crytek ran into financial trouble. It was re-rolled as Hunt: Showdown last year, and while I figured it was little more than a desperate move from a company on the brink, it turned out to be incredibly good when we played with it at E3 2017—in fact, we selected it as our favourite game of the show. 

The focus of the alpha will be on testing gameplay, balance, and backend functionality, with participants chosen at random from the signup list. Those lucky enough to get in will be notified via email. Crytek didn't say how many people it's after for this alpha, but if you're interested in taking part (and why wouldn't you be?) you can take your shot at