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Ultimate Gaming Rigs & Custom Paint Jobs? Must Be UKGC

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 UK Gaming Computers Offers Superior Products and Services for Gamers Seeking Bespoke Rigs


When you’re a serious PC gamer, you want performance that outstrips the competition and quality that lasts - or, at the very least, a reliable and robust warranty repair service to back it up. UK Gaming Computers not only offers bleeding-edge bespoke gaming products but also has a 6-year warranty on all of their customized rigs. That’s 2190 days - or more than enough time for you to get something better because, let’s face it, you only want the best and you only want top end.

 UK Gaming Computers knows this and they do not compromise on quality because of it. You can rely upon them to provide you with the best on the market at an unbeatable price but you can also walk away from your purchase with the comfort of knowing that your purchase is more than insured.

 UK Gaming Computers prides itself on being different from the competition and offering something a cut above the rest. The company’s focus on customer service really shines through from initial inquiry to final point of sale - everything is seamless, professional, efficient, and outstanding.

 They call their gaming rigs the Bugatti Veyrons of the PC industry, and this is an apt description. For those of you not familiar with high-end performance automobiles, the Bugatti Veyron is the top of the line hypercar from namesake Bugatti that is often associated with performance and superiority of engineering design.

The company was established in 2009 and grew out of the founder’s love for building rigs. Initially from an IT background, Damien Curtis who is Director at UKGC, said his love for tinkering with new hardware and putting it together far exceeded his love for “wondering why a clients routers were not authenticating with ISP’s.” Noticing a lack of quality firms providing products that catered to a high-end PC gaming enthusiast audience, UK Gaming Computers set out to become the standard in custom rigs.

 Eschewing the cheapest equipment at the highest margin approach, UK Gaming Computers has attained the highest-ratings for customer service of any custom PC rig company in the UK.

 Getting this is no easy task, and often requires that the team at UK Gaming Computers go above and beyond when providing exceptional service for their valued clients. In fact, this is a driving force behind the company, and it shows in their work.

 “Positive feedback from our customer is the forefront of what we do and is a great driving force to strive to keep up the high standards. We actually give a damn about what our customers think (even the wrong ones!) and will always look to improve our services where we can. Being the highest customer rated PC builder in the country doesn’t come from resting on our laurels,” the founder said.

 The company has a pretty impressive list of clients as well, with YouTube star PewDiePie among them. His Mini monster with a red candy spectraflair paintjob is particularly memorable according to UK PC Gaming founder Damien Curtis. But if you’re not in the market for an entirely new rig, UK PC Gaming will also upgrade your existing rig, whether or not you purchased it from them.

 It’s kind of a way to sample the amazing level of service you’ll get at UK PC Gaming, and will probably have you coming back in the future to buy an entire rig from the company. Given what you are getting, pricing is quite reasonable, starting at £549.99 and going up to £8,999.99.

 The Kraken - Watercooled Custom Gaming PC is an impressive piece of kit to be sure. The rig allows for “extensive upgrades to suit your gaming needs” and comes with a water cooled 6 Core, 12 Thread Intel Core i7 6800K Processor running at 3.4Ghz, and 3.6Ghz “when Turbo mode kicks in, on the impressive X99 chipset based Asus X99-E motherboard.” The water cooled Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB takes care of graphics while 16GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM keeps it running smoothly.  With virtually every computer they build you will have a wealth of options from CPU's down to case lighting.  You want it, they build it!!


This is just one example of the type of rig they offer but the possibilities are somewhat endless given the complete bespoke nature of the company’s offerings. All orders over £250 qualify for financing as well - an added convenience for shoppers looking to upgrade their gaming PC.

 One happy customer on Review Centre said: “I purchased a Custom Built PC from UK Gaming Computers almost one year ago now. Not one single issue, the PC works seamlessly. I require the computer to be very powerful to support my day job and it is that and much more. I would strongly encourage anybody else thinking about buying a custom PC to go here. Any PC I require in the future I wouldn't consider anybody else. Customer service was fantastic too which is as important as the product itself. Very happy!!”

 Buying a custom gaming PC is an expensive and often stressful purchase. UK PC Gaming eliminates all of that and offers so much more than could ever be anticipated or expected. They have a variety of customisation options which you can use to build your ultimate gaming machine.  They even go as far as offering custom paint jobs for your case with options such as the "Glow in the Dark" and "Crystal Ice" paint jobs.

 Don’t go for bottom-of-the-barrel pricing or fall for gimmicks - UK PC Gaming is the real deal.

 Just to reiterate, UK PC Gaming offers the best products coupled with the best experience of anywhere on the market. They want your business whether you want an entirely new rig or to simply upgrade an existing unit - whether or not you purchased it from UK Gaming Computers!

 Behind all of this, the company offers a robust, industry-leading 6-year warranty on all of their PC rigs. For 6 years, well past the time it would be able to handle cutting-edge graphics, you have the assurance of knowing that your purchase was well worth it. Should you require repair and service, they’re there to help you.

The founder has exceeded his goal of offering the best customer service and custom PC rigs on the market and has instead become the standard in customer care and quality bespoke PC builds. There really is no other choice when it comes to who you are going to commission to build your custom PC.

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