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Freeman: Guerilla Warfare Coming to Steam Early Access February 1

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 Upcoming FPS Strategy Game Freeman:Guerilla Warfare Coming to Steam Early Access February 1!


The upcoming FPS strategy game Freeman:Guerilla Warfare from KK Game Studio will be officially hitting Steam early access on February 1. You can add the game to your Steam wishlist to get the latest news on its release and any discounts the game might have.

Promising a fully immersive gaming experience that lets players choose between either the role of grand general or that of a foot soldier (or an admixture of both), Freeman:Guerilla Warfare is promising a level of granularity that is both deep and engaging but accessible for the average gamer.  The game is all about the player’s career as a faction leader, a person tasked with raising funds, hiring soldiers, securing territory, obtaining equipment, and all of the myriad of tasks associated with commanding an army and conquering territory.   In a combination of FPS and sandbox game, Freeman:Guerilla Warfare will really let players have a lot of freedom to choose what direction they would like to take with their game.   The variant nature of each gaming session will allow for really high replayability and the team plans on adding features over time.

Developers often look for inspirations before developing a game, and this one is clearly inspired by medieval battle fest Mount and Blade as well as the Arma series. Strategy games are always a popular source of gaming innovation, and the combination of FPS and strategy game in such a seamless way could bode well for the future innovations the team has planned.  The experience is supposed to be visceral but also tactical. The two different gaming modes will elicit different gameplay styles from the player - perhaps an aggressive, melee-prone soldier on the ground is a more thoughtful, strategic commander in general mode, for example.

Tina from KK Game Studio describes the game as, “It is more like Mount & Blade and Arma combined. In the strategy portion, the player roams on the world map, visiting various locations, trading, raising funds, upgrading equipment, accepting missions, and engaging enemy field armies or siege towns. In the FPS portion, the player enters the battlefield and lead the army to combat in first person view.”  It is also the developer’s hope that the game can take off with the streaming community. The team has specifically tailored portions of the game to be immediately understandable to a viewing audience as well as engaging and entertaining if viewed in a more passive style.   After all, nothing helps get the word out there about your brand new game quite like videogame streamers, and Freeman:Guerilla Warfare hopes to attract this fast-growing segment of the gaming population. Strategy games have always had a home on PC, especially those with complex and arcane rules. It’s expected that Freeman:Guerilla Warfare will be no different but will be so different that it stands out among the crowd.

Get ahead of everyone else by getting Freeman:Guerilla Warfare on February 1 on Steam when it is available for early access.

You can do so at the following link: