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Any ships that you steal in Star Citizen will disappear the moment you log out of the game, making it impossible to build your personal fleet through theft, Cloud Imperium Games has said. Stealing ships should be a "short-term goal" for "joyriding, piracy or selling them for scrap", not for growing your collection, system designer Will Maiden said on a forum post. But some players are miffed by the decision, which appears to limit the scope for being a space pirate.

There are good arguments on both sides. From CIG's perspective, they have to ensure that the game's ship insurance system is not open to abuse. Players will take out in-game insurance on their ships so that if it is stolen they are able to get a new one. That potentially opens up exploits because—as the person that started the forum thread points out—you could let a friend "steal" your ship, claim on it to get a replacement, and they'd still have the original. Deleting stolen ships bypasses that problem.

But if you wanted to be a pirate then you might be disappointed. Stealing ships for your collection sounds like a lot of fun. And perhaps there were more elegant ways to solve the problem that fit in with the fiction of the universe: the developer has previously said that stealing a ship will invalidate its hull ID code, which will make it difficult to sell. Also, without that code you can't land on any lawful planets, and in-game law enforcement will be after you. 

If that system were robust enough then it could solve the problem on its own, I think. Players would have less motivation to steal or commit insurance fraud because they wouldn't be able to do much with the resultant ship. They'd be able to add it to their collection and look at it, sure, but actually getting anything done in-game would be difficult. They'd have to stick to the shady parts of the universe, which increases the risk of someone else pinching it. In other words, if you want to be a pirate, you can, but there are consequences (although perhaps this is just the armchair developer in me coming out).

But alas, it seems CIG's mind is made up. And being a pirate will still be a fun option, I reckon. You'll be able to steal valuable cargo, break down ships for scrap and sell them, and generally cause havoc.

Thanks to the Reddit user that raised the issue. What do you think of the decision?


In other Star Citizen news...Chris Roberts calls it "a menacing mass of planet fragments and static electrical storms," senior graphics programmer Ben Parry "a technical nightmare." The Coil is a dangerous patch of space that will feature in Squadron 42, the single player component of the Star Citizen project.

The vast planetary fragments are full of delicious resources for pilots brave enough to fly into the deadly electrical clouds. Those fluffy, layered clouds turn out to be difficult to render. In the video above the devs talk through a few of the tricks they used to create the final effect, which you can see in the work-in-progress video below.

 The final effect is impressive, particularly when you start seeing how the lighting system interacts with the cloud tech to create dynamic, shifting effects. It triggers fond memories of Freespace 2's nebula battles.


Monday, 08 January 2018 12:59

Star Citizen Responds to Crytek's Lawsuit

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Last month, Crytek filed a lawsuit against Cloud Imperium Games. The suit alleged that CIG breached the game license agreement (GLA) that allowed the company to use CryEngine in Star Citizen at a below-market rate. According to Crytek, CIG tried to undersell the CryEngine’s impact, used it in two games, Star Citizen and Squadron 42, without permission, and finally ditched it in favour of Amazon’s Lumberyard. CIG has now responded to each of the allegations. 

According to a document released by CIG says that the suit “should never have been filed” and that it “sacrifices legal sufficiency for loud publicity”. The majority of Crytek’s allegations cite the GLA, but it doesn’t look like the agreement actually supports all of the claims -- something CIG’s lawyers have been quick to latch onto. 

CIG produced the GLA, and it doesn’t look like it quite backs up Crytek. For instance, Crytek claims that CIG used CryEngine in two games, but the GLA treats Squadron 42 as part of Star Citizen in exhibit 2 (page 24). At a glance, there isn’t anything to suggest that CIG had to use CryEngine, either. It gave the studio the rights to use it, but didn’t stop them from switching to another engine. 

As for the allegations that CIG hasn’t promoted Crytek or CryEngine enough in the game, CIG argues that—as Crytek itself points out in the suit—it’s not even using Crytek’s software, so there’s no need to display trademarks for it. 

Some of the allegations, like Crytek’s claim that CIG did not provide any bugfixes for CryEngine or that confidential source code was shown to the likes of Faceware, were not touched on, so there might still be a case there, though many of the claims now look a bit flimsier than they did a month ago. 

Friday, 05 January 2018 12:12

Star Citizen Raises Over £25 Million In 2017

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There seems to be no limits to the earning potential to the yet unreleased, still in alpha after many years, gigantic game that is called Star Citizen.  According to data collected by Polygon, the super-ambitious PC space sim raised £25 million last year, which is down from $26.57 million the year prior. In total, Star Citizen has raised an astonishing £129.8 million, according to the game's own publicly available funding data.

Star Citizen launched on Kickstarter in 2012 and made its original funding goal of $500,000 in a week. The campaign ended with $2.1 million. Developer Cloud Imperium then shifting funding to its own website where it has brought in millions and millions through the sale of ships and, more recently, parcels of land throughout the in-game universe.

The game's development is being led by Chris Roberts, who designed the Wing Commander games (and directed the 1999 Freddie Prinze Jr. starring movie of the same name).

To put the £25 million in perspective, it's more than double the money (£12.7 million) that the more than 700 Kickstarter video game projects brought in, combined, in 2017. It's been two years running that Star Citizen's own yearly funding tally has more than doubled the combined efforts of every video game project on Kickstarter.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017 13:55

New 3.0 Update for Star Citizen is Now available to all Backers

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Star Citizen has now released it's 3.0 patch to all players.  Originally the 3.0 patch had been tested by selected backers such as subscribers and concierge.  Now all players who have purchased a game package can enjoy the wealth of new features that has been introduced in the new update.  A statement from their official website states, "Alpha Patch 3.0.0 has been released to all Star Citizen backers. This update contains one of our largest feature sets to date – including the three moons of Crusader, a new mission system, improved shopping and cargo mechanics, and increased our server player count from twenty-four to fifty players. Alpha 3.0.0 is also the first implementation of a lot system changes that go on in the background. For example, with commodity trading, we’re testing out the very first iteration of the dynamic economy that will control the marketplace of the universe."


Three Crusader Moons


    • Cellin is Crusader’s closest satellite. Visitors to the moon are greeted by the massive gas giant sitting prominently in the sky above. If you can take your eyes off the sky, then you’ll notice that Cellin’s flat surface is punctuated by dormant volcanoes.



    • With the thickest atmosphere of the three moons, Daymar is covered with winding canyons and rugged mountain ranges, giving it the appearance of an arid, desert planet. Though Crusader has been granting mining licenses to tap into the moon’s resources, the atmosphere is unbreathable for Humans.



    • The third and final Crusader moon is Yela, the moon’s covered in ice crust on certain sections of the moon, while other parts are dominated by a typical mixture of soil and snow. The temperatures are quite bracing here, so plan to bring a thermos of tea or a nip of something stronger to help stay warm.



    • The home of the People’s Alliance, this new landing zone was founded in an abandoned mining facility as an egalitarian alternative to the UEE.


Surface Outposts

    • Over two dozen planetside outposts that can be visited. These buildings cover a variety of operations (both legal and illegal) and can serve as drop-off and pick-up points for missions.


Derelict Ships

    • Crashed or abandoned ships within the Stanton system as points of exploration.


Mission Givers


    • This criminal hacker provides the players with missions and introduce the first iteration of the reputation system.


Miles Eckhart

    • The head of a private security company, Eckhart provides the players with missions and introduce the first iteration of the reputation system.


Mission System

    • Around 20 distinct missions, most with lawful and unlawful variants and all with hundreds of random permutations. These missions can be picked up from the Mission Givers or from the Contract Manager App.


Derelict Ships

    • Multiple ship wrecks on planets and in space. Some may contain cargo that can be scavenged and sold.


Random Encounters

    • 10+ encounters which the player can come across through travel or by Quantum Travel Interdiction.
    • The area you are within will dictate the types of encounter you can come across


Admin Officer AI (mission related)

    • Admin officers will appear at larger landing zones such as Port Olisar and Levski to act as pick up or drop off points for mission related items.


Shopkeeper AI

    • Adding the shopkeeper AI to give environments more life.


Pickup & Carry objects

    • As we’re introducing cargo with 3.0.0, players will be able to manually interact with their cargo to load and unload it properly on their ships.


AI Turrets

    • We are adding the ability for AI to operate turrets in Crusader, so we are working to make sure that they track and fire upon the correct targets.



    • We’ve added an interaction mode system which enables you to interact directly with the world around you. This will act as a shortcut way to select actions with your mouse, to avoid remembering complex control binds.


Stamina System

    • We are introducing the concept of stamina in to 3.0.0, this will mean that physical actions will have consequences. For instance, sprinting will drain the stamina of your character, causing loss of breath and difficulty in aiming a weapon.


Item 2.0 Ships

    • We are converting our available ships over to the item 2.0 system. This will allow for greater player control of the ship and expanded gameplay.
    • Multi-Function Displays (MFD) are being implemented in the new item 2.0 system to give pilots even more control of their ships.


ATC System

    • The Air Traffic Control system assigns landing pads to players once permission has been requested. The system also tracks the stored location of player-owned ships and allows for cargo to be delivered to a ship parked in that landing zone.


Item 2.0 Doors & Airlocks

    • We are starting to update the doors and airlocks within the game to be more intelligent. In time, this would mean that the door would ‘know’ if a room beyond them is depressurized and would stay shut for safety.


Cockpit Experience Improvements

    • Multiple changes that affect how the player moves and reacts in the cockpit as well as the overall feeling for the player while flying (interactions, reacting to hits, etc.)



    • Commodity buying/selling.
    • Physical item shops.


Render to Texture

    • This will have many uses going forwards, but our focus for now is to improve UI rendering and to introduce live rendering of video communications. We’re aiming to improve rendering performance by rendering as much of the UI ahead of a frame. For video communications, this will mean that we don’t have to pre-render the comms and store those files on the hard drive, as is the case with most games, allowing us to maintain fidelity and save hard drive space.



    • Players can purchase commodities from the kiosk that will be transportable in the cargo holds of vehicles, to be sold in another location.
    • Implementing items to represent units of tradeable cargo.


Planetary Tech

    • The Physics Grid for planets and the modular space stations.


Planetary Rotation

    • Planets and moons now rotate to give a day/night cycle.


mobiGlas Visual Update

    • Redesigned the interface and apps.


mobiGlas Apps

    • Contract Manager: This is a redesign of the mission App that is currently available within mobiGlas and is the next step in allowing players more control over their mission tracking.
    • Personal Manager: This App will allow players to review their inventory and customize various aspects of their suit and weapons.
    • Vehicle Manager: This mobiGlas app allows the Player to modify/customize their ships directly rather than using the upright terminals.
    • StarMap: The Starmap will be introduced to allow players to view the Persistent Universe at large and select planets to quantum travel to.


Starmap on Ship Radar

    • Incorporating the Starmap into ships with 3D radar so players don’t have to open the mobiGlas app when piloting to select their travel destinations. Remaining ships will be added later.


Updated Visor HUD

    • Updating the Own and Target ship displays for both the visor and MFD in the Item2.0 ships. With this enabled in ships, pilots will be able to see the health of their ship and shields


Atmospheric Flight

    • With 3.0.0 players will have the chance to land on celestial bodies, which, in some cases, will involve passing through the atmosphere.
    • A modified set of physics parameters to change the flight pattern of ships when they transition into a moon’s atmosphere.


Engine Trails/Contrails

    • VFX improvements for engine trails, and the creation of contrails for ships when flown in atmosphere


Gravlev (for hover bikes)

    • This tech covers the transitions from flight to hovering and hovering to flight, but also lets the hoverbikes (Dragonfly and Nox) traverse the planetary surfaces.


Second Stage Afterburner

    • Adding afterburner functionality to allow you to traverse from space to ground faster.


Hint System

    • A first iteration of in-game hints to help new players acclimate to the various complex gameplay mechanics in Star Citizen.


EMP Weapon update

    • Updates to the EMP weapon functionality to properly affect ships now the item 2.0 conversion has taken place.


Entity Owner Manager

    • The Entity Owner Manager tracks entities that are moved around the universe, making sure we spawn and despawn them at the correct time.


Physics Serialisation

    • This will fix a few long-standing threading issues between then network and physics code. Improves separation of physics and netcode for better maintainability.


New Message Queue

    • Now that all our messages are strictly ordered, we’ve streamlined the processing, allowing us to send and receive messages with less overhead. The new message queue also has a few extra features to better handle packet loss and jitter, helping reduce average bandwidth and latency.


Mission System

    • The overall system that will be used to create mission flows for missions like Patrol, Assassination, Smuggling, etc.


Persistence of Ship Damage, Ammo, & Missiles

    • Persistence ensures that your vehicle state is saved between sessions.


Ship Insurance & Claim

    • This will be an alpha version of the insurance system where if your current ship becomes damaged beyond repair, you will be able to request a replacement ship (with basic loadout) from the insurance provider.


Planetary Navigation Marker Generation

    • A dynamically generated set of Quantum Travel points around planets and moons to enable for quicker and easier traversal around them.


Persistent Spawning & Reconnecting

    • First pass at persistence which allows us to save the state and location of the player and ships between game sessions.


New & Updated FPS weapons

    • BEHR P8-SC – SMG
    • APAR Scourge – Railgun
    • [UPDATED] KLWE Gallant – Rifle
    • [UPDATED] KLWE Arrowhead – Sniper Rifle
    • [UPDATED] KSAR Devastator-12 – Shotgun
    • [UPDATED] KLWE Arclight – Pistol
    • [UPDATED] Gemini LH86 – Pistol
    • [UPDATED] BEHR P4-AR – Assault Rifle


New & Updated Ships/Vehicles

  • [Updated] Cutlass Black
  • Drake Dragonfly
  • Aopoa Nox
  • RSI Ursa Rover
  • RSI Constellation Aquila
  • MISC Prospector
  • Updated RSI Aurora
  • Aegis Sabre Raven
Saturday, 23 December 2017 20:54

Squadron 42 Specs released Plus a New Video

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Star Citizen, streamed today a pre-recorded two-hour show on Twitch featuring a gameplay demo of Squadron 42, the single-player game being developed alongside Star Citizen. They also released the minimum specs needed to run Squadron 42 which looks like your gonna need a beefy system to play it.  At launch, the company claims, players will need a minimum of 16GB of RAM alongside an Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD Phenom II X4 940 CPU and a GeForce GTX 750 Ti or AMD Radeon R7 360X graphics card with 2GB or more video RAM. From this, then, it's clear to see that the engine is to be heavily RAM-hungry yet surprisingly light on other resources.  Originally slated to be released in 2014, then it suffered a series of delays as release dates kept getting pushed back with CIG recently removed suggestions of a release year from its website altogether.


The demo which you can see below,  coming in at just about 66 minutes, it takes players not only on a journey through the Idris ship - interacting with several of its crew personnel - but also on a journey through the vastness of space, with the player then seamlessly landing on a planet in the Odin system, and fighting their way through a squad of mercenaries to rescue a prisoner.

Thursday, 21 December 2017 14:22

New Video Shows Mark Hamill as Old Man Colton in Squadron 42

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 Squadron 42, the highly anticipated space combat spin-off to the equally highly anticipated Star Citizen. In the video below courtesy of IGN you get the best look yet at Mark Hamill as Old Man Colton, who your young pilot will interact with.  The video features none other than OG starfighter jockey Mark Hamill, who has morphed form a wide-eyed farm boy to an older, more grizzled Paladin, who you will apparently have to impress as you undertake a patrol on his wing. 

You can see more on Cloud Imperium Games' Around the Verse holiday special livestream on their Twitch channel later today at 20:00pm GMT. Edit: Due to a technical hitch the livestream has been postponed until 20:00pm on 22/12/2017

Thursday, 14 December 2017 11:11

Crytek are Suing Star Citizen

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Cloud Imperium the developers behind the game Star Citizen are being sued by Crytek.  Crytek are alleging that they licensed their engine to CIG at a below-market rate in exchange for a prominent display of its trademarks in Star Citizen. That's no longer happening because the game is now running on Amazon's Lumberyard engine.  According to PC Gamer:

"Defendants knew Crytek's right to display its trademarks and copyright notices in the Star Citizen video game and related marketing materials was a critical component of the GLA [Game License Agreement]. Yet, by at least September 24, 2016, Defendants' co-founder Chris Roberts publicly sought to minimize Crytek's contribution to Star Citizen, stating that 'we don't call [the video game engine] CryEngine anymore, we call it Star Engine'," the suit states. 

"Shortly thereafter, Defendants removed Crytek trademarks and copyright notices from the Star Citizen video game and related marketing materials in breach of the GLA." 

Also in the lawsuit is a claim by Crytek that its terms with Cloud Imperium specified that the Star Citizen studio would be required to send to Crytek a list of bug fixes and optimisations that it made to the CryEngine source code. In November 2015, Crytek said it reached out to Cloud Imperium for a "long overdue" list of these things, but Cloud Imperium did not make a good faith effort to provide it.

Squadron 42, the single-player part of Star Citizen. Crytek says its agreement with Cloud Imperium for the CryEngine only covered Star Citizen, not Squadron 42, which it reportedly considers a separate game. Regarding the copyright infringement claims, Crytek claims that Cloud Imperium's infringement was "willful, reckless, and/or in blatant disregard for Crytek's rights as a copyright holder."

Crytek are allegedly seeking $75,000, along with "indirect damages, consequential damages (including lost profits), special damages, costs, fees, and expenses incurred by reason of Defendants' breach of contract and copyright infringement." Crytek also wants a "permanent injunction" against Cloud Imperium that would prevent the company from using any of Crytek's copyrighted work.

Cloud Imperium stated in a statement to PC Gamer that they were aware of the lawsuit and they were prepared to fight "vigorously" this meritless lawsuit.  You can checkout there lawsuit in full right here

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 07:53

Star Citizen Players Can Buy their Own Plot of Land

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It's Star Citizen's anniversary week and they have been holding special days every day thus far and the latest item you can now buy are UEE Land Claim Licences.  This means players are now able to purchase their own sections of land from the planets in Star Citizen.  There will be billions of square kilometres of available land over many planets and moons and you can claim a stake for yourself or your organisation. So what do you do if you have your own patch of space?  Well the answers are endless and it really depends on you and where your land is.  With the exception of national parks, wildlife refuges, and nature preserves which has been designated as safe zones and may not be claimed or legally exploited, you can purchase your plot anywhere.  Some people may have their land next to mining resources, others next to commercially valuable piece of land.  In other words there are no restrictions so players will be on the hunt for that perfect patch of land in which to call their own.  Businesses will be created and made,it could become a headquarters for an organisation or rogue gangs.  So far Star Citizen are selling 2 types of land, a single 4km x 4km parcel of UEE lwhich will cost you £48 or a 8km x 8km plot which will set you back £96.  Star Citizen are keen to add that "the ability to obtain these claim licenses will ultimately be available for in-game credits and/or otherwise earnable through play in the game."


Players will also be given a Claim Beacon,  a staff-shaped piece of hardware used in conjunction with a claim license to procure a section of land. Upon insertion into the ground the beacon will activate and a small memory module near the tip will be encoded with the precise coordinates of the area. The module can then be detached and taken to a UEEPlanetary Development office in order to execute a claim license on the designated property.  According to Star Citizen " a staff-shaped piece of hardware used in conjunction with a claim license to procure a section of land. Upon insertion into the ground the beacon will activate and a small memory module near the tip will be encoded with the precise coordinates of the area. The module can then be detached and taken to a UEE Planetary Development office in order to execute a claim license on the designated property".  You can check out all details in full by visiting there site here or you can go ahead and buy your plot straight away by going here.




Monday, 27 November 2017 11:47

Star Citizen Raises $1 Million in 1 Day

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Star Citizen seems to have done really well over the Black Friday week.  They have managed to raise over $1 million dollars in just one day, taking their total to a staggering $167,134,692 from over 1,920,416 registered players.  This is mainly due to a Sales raised from their anniversary sales.  For a short while you can get your hands on ships that are still in concept for a lot cheaper than it will be when they go on general sale.  Some of the ship's on sale are not even flyable yet but CIG have published lots of brochures and literature which gives players a pretty good idea on what they'll be getting, of course there will be no guarantees.  But such is the enthusiasm of the player base people are happily parting with thousands of dollars worth of ships, literally with the AEGIS JAVELIN ANNIVERSARY 2017 priced at $3000 and that's not even the cheapest.

As well as raising lots of funds for this juggernaut of a game Star Citizen also released a video (which you can see below) focusing on ground vehicles and alien ones, providing updates on the massive Banu Merchantman and Tumbril Cyclone Humvee.  With Star Citizen recently bringing their biggest update to date, players enthusiasm has never been higher.


Friday, 24 November 2017 10:22

Star Citizen Problems Leave Players Unable to Play New 3.0

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Star Citizen have opened up their PTU (Player Test Universe) invites to all Testers, Concierge Members, and Subscribers, however people waking up in the EU all excited to see that their PTU access is all ready and waiting was left disappointed and frustrated after a technical hitch meant hundreds of players have not received a vital email containing their log in credentials.  Although there has been no official word from CIG as to the nature of the problem, it is believed to be a problem related to their email server according to players chatting in the official 3.0 PTU Test chat room. 3.0 is Star Citizen's biggest and most anticipated update to date bringing in much needed content to the game.  With new missions, ships and planetary landings now available players will be hungry to check them out and will be left hugely frustrated at the delay in getting access.


Other issue's people seem to be encountering with the latest update are 15006 errors which leaves players unable to join servers.  But this is a PTU and there was bound to be a few teething problems and the people at CIG will be working hard to address them and hopefully a fix will be remedied quite soon. In the meantime there are a lot of video's popping up on YouTube of 3.0 in action which are worth a watch while you are waiting for the fix


UPDATE: As of 14:30 GMT The Email hitch has now been fixed and players are able to copy their PTU accounts